Presented by SMUSH Gallery as part of the Curatorial Fellowship in Dance '20 - '21

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Your donations will go towards supporting the behind-the-scenes work that went into Essence of Embodiment Festival 2021, it will allow us to offer a donation-based virtual festival, any future events and workshops, and you’ll continue supporting the artists you know and love. Help us uplift minority voices and work in film and dance!

We deeply appreciate your support!

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Support our artists. Any contribution is so greatly appreciated. For every contribution above $15, you'll receive our audio and digital zine bundle. For every donation $30 and above, you'll receive our print zine bundle, along with a handwritten thank you card.





Help to cover our web hosting and administrative costs

Support our community and efforts in making the festival as accessible as possible

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Contribute to fairly compensating our artists, teachers, dancers, and staff

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It is with your support and our deepest gratitude that Essence of Embodiment Festival 2021 is able to happen and create a space for BIPOC, Womxn, Queer, Non-Binary, and Artists with Disabilities in Film and Dance.